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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sentences on Alter Art (alter-ism) : : Chasealias

Alter Art (alter-ism) :: Chasealias 

An Emergence Theory in Conceptualism, Performance Art, Fine Art, Music, Poetry, Writing, Culture, Philosophy and Systems Theory.

Every Person is Unique.

Within our differences and individuality we are the same as all other humans.

Creating the fabric that is Humanity,

this is  "Emergence" from a basic understanding of systems theory.

The More Complex And Chaotic the System,  The Simpler the Logic it creates.

The oneness, the pattern of import, the value which is in each of us.

An understanding clarifies while embracing our uniqueness, our flaws and our individuality.

This is crucial for all of us in order to reach a 'Singularity' and ultimately Evolve as a species.

-Chasealias DS Pollack

Alter Artist/Performance Artist

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