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Thursday, June 18, 2015

In Common : DS Pollack on Self and the Commonalities of All : CAN, Ltd.

What do Ai Weiwei, RuPaul and the Dalai Lama have in common?  

What a strange question right?   By the end of this short article maybe it will make some sense to you. It seemed interesting enough to me to write.

If you can' love yourself how the hell ya gonna love anyone else?  Can I get an Amen up in here!                -@rupaul


I began to think about how to introduce myself today. One normal greeting might be, Hello my name is...but there is exactly where i drew a blank. You see. I have so many names that I go by and that I'm know by. So many monikers, screen names, nicknames, legal names, avatars and stage names that "I" can't even keep track of them. We all do actually Most Famously I go by Chase Alias, Holden Vance III or even Cubby but in reality those alters aren't "who I am". My given name is David Stuart Pollack, Conceptual Artist, and Human Being. Those other people are just Characters. People I've created in order to express myself in some way. They are like the paint brushes in my strange form of conceptual Art which I cal Immersion Art.
All love is self-love. All interpretation is self-interpretation. The value of "interpretation" is that through it, one might expose reality, or explain oneself. –@aiww
By turning the camera on myself, and selecting the photographic Genre of self-portraiture, I am attempting to create a canon of works consisting of probing, surprising, and thoughtful images. The majority of my photographs seem to be pictures of myself, however, these photographs are most definitely not self-portraits. Combining Method Acting and Conceptual Photography reinterpreting two art forms to create a brand new art, which I call Immersion Art or Alterism, a style of online performance art.

The purpose of spirituality Is self discipline. Rather than criticizing others we should learn to criticize ourselves.  -@Dalailama

DS Pollack

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