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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The David Banned by Facebook

The David
Banned by Facebook 

Chase Alias' the David was banned.
David (Michelangelo)is just fine says Facebook

I think this work is mimetic and human and speaks openly from the artist's deeply personal perspectives of beauty and form. It also gives our world a glimpse of the past though a pure vision of personal reality. I love that this work is and will forever be one earths greatest masterpieces. 

I Must say however that Facebook has recently spent to much time censoring current art. Imagine that now Big Corporate is the law and too blinded by the flashy capital system to realize it is built on a very shaky foundation. 

Why can Facebook allow us to learn about Michelangelo's David but censor Chase Alias' the David.

[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]The David[/url] by [url=]Chase Alias[/url], on Flickr

Once the images are online they are both technical new media and code. There is no difference. How can a company like Facebook, who depends its cash flow to judge what is great art. How can they possibly identify with an artists daily struggle with perspective and reality. I guess its how history books have been written for a while. At least the history taught to children in classrooms organized by governments being run by or like corporations. Google and Wikipedia seem to understand simple etiquette when dealing with the Artist Class.


Url from Facebook image of David (Michelangelo) originally from Wikipedia
Url from Chase Alias' the David from Flickr
No difference

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