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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mimesis: Imitation of the Internet Using Immersionism, Chase Alias | Conceptual Art Network

Mimesis: Imitation of the Internet Using Immersionism, Chase Alias  |  Conceptual Art Network

Capturing perfection is simple if you change your perception of perfection.  #ChaseAlias

This is a Mimesis. It is the imitation or representation of aspects of the sensible world, especially human actions, in literature and art.

This is the craziest #philosophy, conversation.  It is full of rules and people criticizing others.  It was so much fun.  Enjoy!  #art, #mimesis , #ChaseAlias

Capturing perfection is simple if you change your perception of perfection.   #chasealias  



conferencereport6 days ago

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cooli waters6 days ago
Imperfections can be evidence of perfection if we perceive life as a puzzle. :)+1

I wish I was perfect lol

Adam Black6 days ago
Modern POM Philosophers and AI researchers   ( not enough caffeine,   please +conferencereport fill in some 
names for me. er... Heidegger, +David Chapman has a pile of papers on it  )
have taught us that Language and experience is entirely context-dependent for meaning ( and ancient--- hey, 
Buddha ) .

So, as probably the only human here , among 110, 000 that knows the _context he is talking about , Imma call 
bullshit on  the OP.

This confusions probably stems from your Method-acting technique , and thus  a trained inability  to properly 
separate out your various roles as director, photographer, and ----god-help us all ----EDITOR.

Merely lowering your standards wont make a poor selection "perfect" .Which is why,  for every shot you've 
chosen,  you ought to have left 50 attempts of it on the cutting room floor. Having no standards , is not 

Even if you are attempting to capture the seediest side of life, the otherside of  a closeted Texas rest-area,  
Spoilers: he is ) your attempt to capture it,  must reach for perfection.  There must be failures , and winnowing.
Or you are merely deceiving yourself into thinking you wont find better art by taking Grinder screen caps .

Eric Piteau6 days ago
Have no fear of perfection,  you’ll never reach it  ~Salvador Dali +3

Eric Piteau6 days ago
One mans perfection is another mans incompleteness. +1

Actually I have thousand of shots on the cutting room floor, thanks. The simple idea that you look closely 
enough to have an opinion of the process is proof the The works are having some effect. Take for example 
Barbara Kruger and her use of overly degenerative imagery with juxtaposed with Ad Slogans. Perhaps you 
can even wonder why Thomas Ruff chooses to shoot gay porn imagery and digital overlay it until it is almost 

I think some may miss a point in my work. So many people identities and realities for them selves. Taking 
random selfies and posting them on hookup sites. It has become so ubiquitous. As an Artist and an 
Immersionist I try to capture the perfection of the worlds I involve myself in, exactly as my characters perceive 
them to be.

I hate it advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me. 
-Hunter S. Thompson

conferencereport5 days ago
Saying something profound is simple if you change your definition of profound.+1

The very purpose of spirituality is self-discipline. Rather than criticizing others, we should evaluate and 
criticize ourselves. -Dalai Lama+2

+Theorize Art : Art, Ideas, Culture and Creative(s) Perspectives Yes, you said that already in the comment 
section of one of my videos.  That's called 'spam' and I don't appreciate it.+1

Its not spam Its a response to a very cutting remark made by a person who doesn't seem to practice what he 
wants to preach.

Spiritual community? Get lost with this bullshit - no one has time for it, this has nothing to do with 

+Theorize Art : Art, Ideas, Culture and Creative(s) Perspectives You think that was cutting?  Just carry on 
posting off-topic crap and you'll see how cutting I can be.  (I also flag all posts that dilute the content of this 

I have learned that criticizing others for any reason is a sign of many things in ones own character.  So when p
eople get offended at a quote by the Dalai Lama about self-disciple and personal evaluation they usually keep 
it to themselves.  If they feel the need to respond negatively,  well then the irony is almost comical. #ChaseAlias

Actually there are all types of philosophy of the mind.  Not all Buddhist, Taoist or Confucianist are religious at 
all.  They are Philosophical by their very foundations.

Take Taoism for example.  Something I happen to be trying to involve myself in as diligently as possible.  I do
this for personal reasons and never feel the need to push it upon other.
Philosophical Taoism

Philosophical Taoism is based on close observations and studies of nature. It is a fundamental tenet of Taoism 
that man is an integrated part of the cosmos. That our inner-world (microcosm) operates by the same principles 
that govern the outer universe (macrocosm), in fact that there ultimately is no difference between the two. 

Taoism is quite unique among world religions since it doesn’t try to hide it’s natural roots. Nature is in fact seen
 as the prime manifestation of the creative principle - that lives and expresses itself through all things. Including
 human beings.

A philosophical Taoist therefore makes no distinction between the individual entity and the ultimate reality. 
All living entities, although we experience ourselves as separate, is regarded as the same single awareness 
expressing itself through different forms. Like clouds are created from water, so all living beings are temporary 
expressions of the one Tao. We are all fleeting formations that create new and wonderful combinations. A truly 
never ending story.

The first place to learn more about philosophical Taoism is the Tao Te Ching. Written over 2500 years ago by 
Lao Tzu, this work sets out his understanding of the Tao and how to find harmony within it.

+Theorize Art : Art, Ideas, Culture and Creative(s) Perspectives See, what you've demonstrated here is your 
inability (or unwillingness) to stick to even the simplest set of guidelines.  No one has said there aren't lots of 
different interpretations of what 'philosophy of mind' MIGHT mean, but what it means HERE is very specifically 
laid out.  I'm guessing the reason you're choosing to disregard that fact is because you're arrogant enough to 
assume you know best, but to those of who are actually in the business of trying to learn something you come 
across as an annoying distraction.  Please stop.+1

A tree fall in the woods and no one is around to hear it. Does it make a sound?  Philosophy 101

Your basic construct and title of the community should allow for understanding, openness and creativity at the 
most base levels.  The simple fact that you are so stuck to these strict rules and guidelines isa almost counter  
productive to the point of philosophy of the mind. Which you claim your community is about.

It seems to me that you only wish to make some sort of esoteric group that is controlled and moderated very 
closely.  Boring!  Philosophy of the Mind should be as  wonderful and creative as any art we have today.  If only 
people stop limiting themselves by restrictions and guidelines

David Pollack aka Chase Alias
Theorize Art

#art#Mimesis #conceptual art,  #Immersionism.

Thats Very Mature I think you have personal Issues.  Do you need a hug!

Adam Black1 day ago
wear?  ( which color ? )
and will this  hugging of semirandom ,gruff men on social media, be the new subject of Photographic  Essays?

< I kid. Of course ,it will >

+conferencereport How can you pass up this opportunity to be immortalized in social media art?  Your tough 
guy exterior finally pays off and gets you "noticed". I sense some stiff sales ahead.

< Nobody offers me  , 'a hug' .  Hug-You guys > 

Chase Alias30 minutes ago
I'm happy my work has effected you in some way. That's the point. Art is not supposed to be pretty, contrary to 
popular belief. It's supposed to express and communicate ideas, thought and philosophies. So even if you 
don't like or agree with what the artist is expressing, if it makes you feel a certain way, it has served it's purpose. 
I believe that this discussion has become a Mimesis. It is representation or aspects of the sensible, especially 
human actions, in art. Welcome to my art.+1

Chase Alias27 minutes ago

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Mimesis, 2012

Endogenous Series, 2012 - 2014,  
Affective Memory Screen Capture 
by  Immersionist David Pollack as Chase Alias 

Chase is an Immersionist character of Saatchi Art artist David Pollack. Immersionism is a form of gonzo journalism made famous by Hunter S Thompson in his works such as "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". Immersion Journalism or Immersionism is a style of journalism similar to gonzo journalism. In the style, journalists immerse themselves in a situation and with the people involved. The final product tends to focus on the experience, not the writer.

I found that this series of works emerged from the unique natural layering of text and imagery that occurs when you begin to blog, tweet and Facebook your New Media.  As you view them your titles and names and peoples comments begin to merge with the work creating a depth and breath to the original mimesis upon which the works are conceived.

Because I work in Character I always shoot video.
The end result is a Video Screen capture.

Digital Res 32 Bit HDR
40 x 90 inches
Limited to a Unique High Quality Print on Canvas      
signature  #ChaseAlias on front
plus Link to Full Digital File

Signed on back

D Pollack, 2014

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