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  • Libertarian Party
    Brooklyn Libertarian Party ...peace, personal choice and responsibility in economic and social affairs...

Favorite Quotations"Hell is other people." - Jean-Paul Sartre

"Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it." - Salvador Dali

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About MarinaProfessional exhibiting Artist. Senior Art Curator and Art Buyer at AmericanFlat NYC… but of course this is just a summary of things… if I start explaining this whole “About Me” thing, I will end up writing a volume similar to “War and Peace”… so let me try to be relatively brief here :)(:

I am an artist. I am a model. I am an art curator. I am a Gallerist. I am an ad exec (former). I love this old-fashioned thing called reading and I have no television at home (it was officially unplugged 7 years ago). I am a nerd. I love Psychology and the amazing mystery called “being human”. I will short-circuit anything electric/ electronic within my reach in a matter of hours (so people please keep your fancy Macs away from me). I am NOT perfect (I have quite a few flaws that I am aware of, but please know that I always have the best intentions at heart).

Despite the things that happen in life I feel very optimistic about the future. I have a tremendous dislike for “gloom and doom” thinking, and quite frankly, I find it distasteful, vulgar and an insult to humanity… speaking of which (an insult to humanity that is), I really think that “Five Finger” shoes should be banned and The Rolling Stones should stop touring (enough already!).
I am a great believer in Karma, and what goes around usually comes back around within our lifetime. I believe there is a reason why we meet all the people that we meet in our lives. I have not a single malicious bone in my body and the whole idea of people wishing somebody bad truly puzzles me as something completely inhumane (a deformity of soul if you wish).
I believe that every relationship is based on Respect and Boundaries (and trust me I will never cross your boundaries unless “I’m invited” and I will never walk around telling people what to do either… they got their own heads on their shoulders… hopefully??...)
I am a total commitment phobe, so yes, you have to convince me that it’s ok and that things are better together… (hmm… are they?... yikes!)

I adore cats and respect dogs. Airplanes and the idea of flying makes me depressed as a necessary and an inevitable form of torture/evil that we humans instill upon each other... I like to talk and simply being among people energizes me, but I also do like my alone moments very much. I am hyper sensitive to light, sound and smells… I am many things… and then when everything is said and done, I am NOT what you think I am :)(:

Relationship StatusSingle